Fablab Junior is a contemporary STEAM project for young people that combine technology, science and art. Fablab Junior is a mobile fablab stuffed with technical features such as a desktop laser cutter, 3D printer and some state-of-the-art design tools like Makey Makey and Bare conductive ink.
During these 2D/3dworkshops, designers, artists and volunteers guide and supervise the young participants in the workshop.
The next two summers we want to reach 1,500 young people on 50 places, each time for one week long.
Youngsters invent, design and finally make objects. They work with a variety of materials, use laser cutters and 3D printers and work with state of the art software.
With these innovative techniques and our creative approach, we want to encourage young people to choose careers in technology, science, mathematics and engineering. Our economy needs engineers and technicians of all levels who develop innovative and good ideas and commercialize new products and services.
The project is coordinated by Wim Van Broeck of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and developed in collaboration with the Arteveldehogeschool and the Erasmushogeschool Brussel . The network of the Vlaamse Dienst Speelpleinwerk (VDS) guarantees the implementation of the project in Flanders and Brussels. VDS vzw (Flemisch Playground Service) is a supporting organization for almost 500 animated playgrounds in Flanders and Brussels. Our advice, trainings and support are based on a strong and expanded vision on play. This vision starts from the concept of leisure time and sees play as pure free and fun time for children.
Fablab Junior is recognized by the Flemish Government as a Brugproject for the period 2014 and 2015 (Agentschap Ondernemen) and has also been recognized by IWT and Flanders DC as CiCi project for 2014.